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Dart-Cheap Solar Power For Underprivileged Countries

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Nowadays renewable power sources have become almost indispensable. But people of the poor and third world countries are still leading their lives without renewable power sources. They are in severe need of help to get the access to renewable power sources. Keeping it in mind the chairman of the US grassroots organization Sierra Club Carl Pope has mentioned that through a kind effort of cell phone manufacturing companies it will be possible to bring solar power to the underprivileged countries in a reasonable price.


Before hand there were many complications to provide renewable power in affordable price. But with the advancement of science and technology, economical and business models it is now possible to get renewable solar power to those countries. Carl has argued that the uproot changes in cell phone technology and mobile banking in combination with the inexpensiveness and infinity of solar power have made it possible.

It is true that those countries will not be able to get the expansive power sourced from fossil fuel and grid power until at least 2030 but the cheaper solar power will surely work for them as highly advanced but low-cost technologies have been implied to bring solar power for them.


In the entire process modern cell phone technologies and advanced mobile banking will play a vital role as the cell phone signal towers are being planned to transformed into power sources which in turn, will enable them to provide electricity to their consumers in the rural areas. They will charge their service through their cell phone payment structures.

Carl has claimed that the abovementioned business models will make people to pay for exactly what they are using. These models will cut down their household expanse for kerosene, supply chains and distributers. According to him if the use of kerosene gets replaced by solar power the death rate every year will be reduced by nearly 1.5 million as kerosene is a rich producer of greenhouse gases. Moreover, the use of solar power in such wide range will increase its demand and as a result the almost half of the world will be using renewable power very soon.

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