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Ensuring The Space Security Has Become Essential For Human Advancement

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In this modern age of technological advancement space and satellite based communications have become a fundamental need for the progress of mankind. Everything, say weather forecasting, navigation, mapping, business and of course media depend significantly on the satellite based communication system. That is why the security of Space has become an issue of global concern to keep going the entire advancement of mankind.

Taking the whole issue into account Hillary Clinton the US secretary of state has proposed a global code of conduct to ensure the security of space activities. There are two main reasons that are constantly making the issue of space security difficult. One of them is the artificial cloud of space wreckage around the orbit of our planet that has been formatting since 1960 due to numbers of space activities. The cloud contains destroyed spacecraft machineries, spent rocket parts, deserted satellites etc.

This artificial cloud is constantly threatening future space activities as there lays a strong probability of collision between spacecrafts and those wreckages. The more threatening fact is that the cloud is rapidly forming into a complex magnitude that will make future space activities almost impossible.

Adding more to the difficulty the second challenge rises as the development of anti-spacecraft weapons. Many countries in the last few years have started to develop anti-spacecraft weapons which are really alarming for space security. For instance, in 2007 Chinese military smashed a weather satellite. This thoughtless activity of them not only produced a huge and hazardous amount of space wreckage, but also put a question mark to the system of satellite security.

Although making anti-spacecraft weapons has already been declared as illegal by the United Nation’s treaty there is no way to clear up the space wreckage or the doubt about satellite security from weapons. However it is the moral duty of United Nation to maintain the safety of space otherwise the result will be so cataclysmic that it will become impossible to even lead a normal modern life.

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