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Environment And Energy Conservation

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Need For Energy Conservation
Although energy conservation is a major issue, many people are not sure about how to partake in this venture. You must have seen ad campaigns and banners that ask people to reduce their electricity usage. This is a familiar sight but these campaigns do not explain the actual reasons behind the purpose. Saving energy is equivalent to saving money. This is only the immediate benefit of reducing electricity consumption. Apart from saving money, energy conversation is the actual reason for promoting such concepts energy. Electricity is created by thermal energy which is a product of burning fossil fuels. Since the invention of electricity this process has been going on. Nowadays alternative resources like wind, water and ocean currents are used for producing electricity. However, these alternatives are expensive so we are still largely dependent on non-renewable fossil fuels.

How To Promote Energy Conservation?
Energy conservation is a part of nature conservation. This is necessary to ensure that our coming generation doesn’t suffer from lack of electricity and other forms of energy that are essential for running their day-to-day life activities. One of the immediate ways to promote energy conservation is to minimize the use of electricity. There are several ways to achieve this. Green construction or green building is the best example.  It is a house that has all the arrangements made for getting illumination and comfort from nature. Well lighted rooms that receive filtered sunlight throughout the day offer a positive atmosphere for the occupants. This not only keeps away molds and fungus but also keeps the room free from insects and pests.  Apart from natural lighting, use of green and renewable energy resources like bio-gas plants, solar electronics also reduces energy wastage to a great extend.

Environmental Sustainability And Conservation
Energy conservation is a part of a bigger goal which is nothing but environment protection. By reducing the use of non-renewable energy resources, we can not only save our exhaustible resources but also minimize the extent of natural pollution. Mining is one of the integral parts of extracting fuel from underground sediments and sea beds. During mining lot of gases are released into the air which causes serious air pollution. Following mining the crude oil, coal and petroleum undergoes lot of processes before they are converted into usable energy sources like diesel and petrol. By reducing the consumption of these energy sources we will be able to preserve our atmosphere from rising air pollution.

Concept Of Green Cities
In order to create more awareness among the public, environmentalists and government organizations started promoting the concept of green cities. Corresponding to this effort, industrialists have also started initiating various smart city projects that revolve around the concept of environmental sustainability. With growing emphasis on green fuel technologies smart cities plan various projects that support sustainability. Green cities help citizens to participate in sustainable development that ensures a cleaner environment for the current and future generations. Organic food and agricultural techniques are also a part of this green revolution that ensures a safer and healthier lifestyle.

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