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Green Fuels – An Overview On Green Cars

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What Is A Green Car?

A green car is a car considered friendly to the environment and will have a less damaging effect on the environment when compared to the other conventional cars. The factor that differentiates a green car and a conventional car is fuel in which the car runs on and green cars tend to use less fossil fuel when compared to the conventional cars. In some green cars, the use of fossil fuels is completely set aside and those cars use other renewable energy sources to power the car. There is continued research on green cars and we have automobile manufacturers bringing out new ways to cut down on the use of fossil fuel and to promote green energy.

Why Green Cars Were Developed?
As many companies shell out a lot of money on developing new green car technology and try to make the existing technology better, there are many people who have raised questions on why there is so much of money and resources put to use for developing a technology that is currently being used only by a few around the world. Such people would be ignorant of the fact that there is a need to develop green energy techniques to power our homes, our cars and our industries as the amount of fossil fuel that is being burnt is reaching dangerous levels. Fossil fuel is a non renewable source and therefore there will be a time when we will run out of them and burning of fossil fuel releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that have known to increase the effect of global warming. To reduce this over dependence on fossil fuel for energy had to be controlled and therefore new technologies to power cars were researched for and are now available for people to buy. The main purpose of developing green cars is to help save the environment from the greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce the dependence on fossil fuel.

Green Car

Types Of Green Cars
There are different types of green cars available and they are classified based on the way they are powered. Some of the most common types used are

  • Hybrid Cars – These cars are powered by a internal combustion engine and an electric motor and are one of the most popular types of green cars manufactured.
  • Electric Cars – These cars use an electric powered motor and batteries to run. There are many different types of electric vehicles that are used nowadays.
  • Hydrogen Car – Hydrogen is used to power these cars
  • Fuel Cell Car – In these cars a chemical reaction that happens between hydrogen and oxygen will produce electricity and that is used to power the car
  • Solar Cars – These cars use solar power to run and were one of the first green cars to be developed
  • Green Fuel Cars – These are cars that run on bio-diesel or on other green fuels

Green Car Savings
When you use green cars, there is money that you can save on fuel and therefore the higher initial cost of procuring a green car will even out over the years. Above all, you are ensuring that you are reducing your carbon footprint and reducing emissions that are released into the environment. By trying to save the planet from these emissions, you are taking the right step to ensure that there is something left of the planet for the future generations while you are saving money.

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