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Promoting Environment Conservation For A Better Tomorrow

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Need For Environment Conservation

Since over 3 decades, we have been learning the relevance of environment protection and conservation. However, despite all the urgencies quoted by scientists and environmentalist, the quality of our environment is degrading. This is a living proof of the fact that the issue is much more serious than what it seems. In spite of several organizations and decrees passed by United Nations, governments world over are struggling hard to bring a harmony between urbanization and natural conservation. There is a severe shortage of necessary resources like water and electricity that has forced people to settle in less urbanized areas. All this has given rise to rising costs and inflation which is a part of our current economic crisis.

Role Of Environment Sustainability
Environment sustainability is a recently developed phrase which is fast replacing the older term of environment conversation. It shows the relevance of sustenance which is the best possible result we can achieve at this point in time. As per scientist and environmentalists our earth has undergone lots of structural and physical changes which have left it polluted and deprived beyond repair. Yet, we can preserve or rather sustain what is left and gradually try to improve the situation if we adopt enough ecofriendly measures in our day-to-day domestic and economic lives. Commercial organizations and industrialists are promoting environment sustainability through their going-green efforts. Government agencies are offering financial aid for those who are willing to adopt green technologies instead of conventional ones.

Depleting Natural Reserves
Natural reserves include a long list of items that have been helping us live a better and easier life for several centuries. This includes forest, fossil fuels, minerals like coal, iron, gold etc. As of today, all of our rising economic problems can be related to depleting natural wealth. Rising cost of fuels is responsible for price hike in general. The ever-rising cost of transportation has created lot of economic pressure on less-developed nations. Depleting mineral reserves like gold and diamond is responsible for their sky-rocketing price hike. Owing to their rates, people belong to the middle class society are finding it impossible to use such metals for their day-to-day needs. Likewise, rapidly exhausting petroleum and natural oil reserves have put a huge pressure on electricity production. Lack of electricity has reduced productivity in several developing nations, causing irreversible economic deficits.

Environment Conservation At Root Levels
Since we are all a part of this earth, saving this planet is our collective responsibility. Environment conservation is not merely a national or international issue. It is a personal issue of each and every world citizen and being aware of this fact is the only way to bring any tangible change. The goal of saving energy is literally impossible without public co-operation and efforts. Despite forced reduction on power supply, avoiding wastage of electricity at domestic levels has become quite imperative. This is the reason why government organizations and natural reserve departments are advertising the importance of saving electricity. Use of solar energy and other green fuel sources for conducting various domestic and commercial activities can definitely help us save our planet for ages to come.

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