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What Makes Up A Complete Project Overview

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When undertaking a construction project, it is imperative that, whether you are just a homeowner overseeing a construction project for your home or a project manager overseeing a several hundred thousand dollar construction project on behalf of an organization, you have a plan that is previewed, overviewed, and then reviewed. This is the only way to make sure that there are no issues or that little issues do not turn into big issues. The biggest disservice you can do to your project is to start it too quickly or jump into it without being properly prepared.

The way to avoid this is by contacting experienced professionals like the ones at PC Associates. When you speak with experienced professionals, you are speaking with experts who deal with complex projects and documents on a regular basis. Their attention to detail is even better than the average eye on a document because they look at these kinds of documents on a regular basis and have been doing so for decades. The amount of time and money this can save is immeasurable, as identifying a potential obstacle is much different than having to perform crisis control when an obstacle becomes a very serious reality in the way of your project’s success.

Below are just a few of the many factors of what makes up a complete project overview from

Constructability-A constructability review is one of the most important parts of a project overview. This is the big picture, where all of the details and the plan as a whole is looked at. Any big picture problems will be identified and addressed. These normally have to do with obstacles which could prevent the project from being successful, for one reason or another. The project, at its very simplest, must be physically possible complete. This is where you identify if the idea is bigger than the possibility, with the constraints of the resources available in mind. A project must be physically possible if it is going to move forward and be successful. The plans must be detailed and concrete, and the constructability review will determine if you have made any oversights or left out any important details.

Coordination-This is where the project is evaluated as a process, as a series of moving parts which have to work and fit together. The different disciplines (architectural, structural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, civil, equipment, and even landscape) account for more than half of errors and omissions, according to PC Associates. This is where attention to the details of the process are evaluated. The professionals at PC Associates will identify potential issues at this stage, including features being shown the same way on all documents, two or more solid objects occupying the same physical space, and everything fitting in the provided spaces.

Accurate Cost Estimating-Many problems with cost overruns can be avoided with reliable and accurate cost estimates in the first place. Many projects end up going over budget because they were not estimated correctly in the first place, which makes it easy to go over budget. This accurate cost estimating is an overview of the entire project, including the materials, labor, and compliance costs.

Code Compliance-This is where the applicable codes for a project are evaluated. Code compliance is where outside issues for a project can present themselves. Code compliance reviews by PC Associates evaluate the minimum standards for life, fire, safety, and other standards for structures. There are many codes and standards, especially when it comes to building safety. A structure must be strong enough to resist natural disaster and other outside elements.

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